Myths To Find Out If Your Pregnant

Probably the most well-known sign of pregnancy, a missed period is an immediate indication that somethings up. But be sure to take a pregnancy test so youre 100 percent sure: According to the Cleveland Clinic, your periods disappearing act could also be due to stress, excessive exercise, and dieting, among other factors.

According to Rosser, its not uncommon to have bad headaches even just a week into your pregnancy. And the reason for your poor, throbbing head? Theyre typically the result of hormonal changes, as well as changes in blood volume.

When you’re pregnant, the discomfort of your breasts getting sore before your period increases. Extremely painful and tender breasts are a typical symptom, according to Rosser. Compared to even regular periods, they are much more sensitive and painful. “.

It can be both incredibly exciting and incredibly terrifying to think you might be pregnant. Here’s how to determine pregnancy without taking a pregnancy test.

Everyone experiences ups and downs in their emotions, but once you become pregnant, they come on quickly and hard. According to Rosser, mood swings can be common, and most women just brush them off as being related to their period. “Mood swings frequently begin right away during pregnancy due to the hormones involved.” “.

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Test your knowledge of some of the most prevalent pregnancy myths and facts, including whether heartburn means your baby will be born needing a haircut and whether spicy foods can naturally induce labor.

You will begin hearing pregnancy myths almost as soon as you announce your exciting news, and they are almost as prevalent as pregnancy itself. But how do you separate fact from fiction?.

Here are some of the most prevalent pregnancy myths and realities that people might tell you regarding what is happening inside your womb and what will happen once your unborn child is born. Find out if they are real or just the stuff of fairy tales as well.

Severe morning sickness means you’re more likely to have a girl.

This one tends to be true. Studies over the years have linked having a girl during pregnancy to an increased risk of hyperemesis gravidarum, an especially severe form of morning sickness. This association may be due to the hormones that female fetuses produce.

Doctors Answer Commonly Googled Pregnancy Myths

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