Pain In Pubic Bone During Pregnancy

How is pelvic girdle pain treated?

You can employ a variety of techniques to manage and reduce pelvic girdle pain. The first step is to try and pinpoint the daily activities that hurt you, then adjust or stop doing them. For instance, you can refrain from standing on one leg and donning high heels. Additionally, you can lessen weight-bearing activities like stair climbing and prolonged standing and walking. Additionally, try to avoid activities that put strain on your hip, such as squatting or getting in and out of a car or bath.

A pelvic support garment can also lessen discomfort. If the garment is properly fitted and worn for only brief periods of time, pelvic support garments can help to stabilize your pelvic girdle and reduce symptoms. Ask your physiotherapist for more information about pelvic support garments.

You can also speak with your physician or pharmacist about painkillers so you can carry on with your daily activities. This may include taking medicines like paracetamol.

Physiotherapy and exercise programs can help to reduce pain too. They might also assist in solving the issue causing the pain.

Who can help with pelvic pain?

Consult your doctor if you experience hip, pelvic, or back pain while pregnant. Your physician will examine you physically and inquire about your medical history. It’s crucial to visit a doctor to confirm that PGP is the cause of your pain.

Your doctor may suggest that you see a physiotherapist. You can learn pain-relieving exercises from a physiotherapist.

You may be referred to a specialist pain service if your pain is severe and not getting better with standard care.

Can I exercise if I have PGP?

You should continue to exercise outside of physiotherapy sessions in any way that doesn’t hurt. Your level of activity will probably depend on how bad the pain is. If you used to be active and find that you have to stop or scale back your exercise, it can be very frustrating.

Try as many exercises as you can until you find one that works. While some women claim that walking hurts more than cycling, others find some solace in swimming or aquanatal exercises. If you plan to enroll in an aquanatal class, inquire with the instructor about their PGP experience.

Avoid using the breast stroke when swimming as it will probably hurt more.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to stop any activity that hurts.

Pubic Bone Pain During Pregnancy.

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