Your baby bumps: 10 to 12 weeks (photos)

xpj85x @ 10 weeks + 5 days with twins

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Pregnant Belly 10 Weeks Pictures

My 10 Week Pregnant Belly Picture

Pregnant Belly 10 Weeks Pictures

Starting Weight: 123lbs

Total weight gained: 0 pounds (it’s normal to gain little weight in the first trimester)

Let’s discuss my week and what to anticipate now.


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Thankfully, I feel like my energy levels are back to what they were before I became pregnant. I credit this to prioritizing my sleep and maintaining a healthy diet.

Symptoms: I haven’t had any new pregnancy symptoms. Occasionally I still feel motion sickness if using my phone while sitting on the train or in a car. However, my nausea has decreased with the use of the Preggie Pop Drops with Vitamin B6.

Other physical changes include more obvious veins on my body in various places.

Diet: My diet has not really changed much. I continue to prepare my meals for the week and maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet. This includes oats, whole grains, legumes, fruits, and salads. I continue to take weekly doses of vitamin B12 and vitamin D in addition to my twice-daily prenatal vitamins with folic acid.

Diet Modifications: None as of yet!

Food phobias: My daily green smoothies, which I have been consuming for the past eight years: (

Food Cravings: I definitely have a stronger desire for sweets than I ever have, but I’m trying to resist them.

Exercise: Since getting my Peloton last week, I have used it every day and have completed one ride. I make sure I can talk to people while riding and that my heart rate doesn’t rise too much.

You can see examples of my entire pregnancy workout in my Prenatal Fitness Prescription.

Modifications to my workout: None so far. I’m still feeling really good with a lot of energy.

*Ask your healthcare professional if exercising is safe for you before you begin. *.

Pregnant Belly 10 Weeks Pictures

How Many Months Is 10 week pregnant?

You are getting close to the end of your first trimester; gestation lasts about two and a half months.

10 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

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