How your pregnancy bump drops when your baby’s head is engaged

Sometimes it’s easy to spot a bump drop, sometimes not…

Rach_and_Harry says, “I really noticed it had dropped when i tried to balance my glass on bump.” “I could do this last week, but not now,” That was my party trick!”.

StrawberryGirl explains, “My bump dropped about 4 weeks ago at 33 weeks and the head was 3/5 engaged.” “I was happy because this gave me some relief from the tiny thing under my ribs, which was the most uncomfortable I have ever been,” the person said.

Lambymumdrum wasn’t so sure. Although I’m only 33 weeks along, I noticed that my bump appeared to be a little lower yesterday. Specifically, there appeared to be a little more space between my boobs and bump. ”.

And sometimes bumps seem to change positions…

“Mine dropped lots at 34 weeks,” recalls LittleMadam. “Suddenly, after being unable to button my coat, it fit again.” Then, the day before I gave birth, it really, really fell. Looked really high again in labour though.

Workinghard continues, “This time it dramatically decreased a fortnight ago at just shy of 32 weeks although it now looks lower some days and lower others.”

People frequently make comments about your bump “dropping” during late pregnancy. Even strangers will frequently remark on how high or low your bump is. However, even in the last few weeks, if your bump still appears to be fairly high, don’t worry. Indeed, some babies don’t descend until you’re actually in labor, according to midwife Anne.

“Neither of mine dropped (well not noticeably),” says Bink. “My waters broke as the first sign of labor both times I gave birth naturally.” ”.

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Does your bump dropping mean you’re about to give birth?

No, it doesn’t mean labour is imminent.

According to MFM midwife Anne Richley, “Unfortunately, the timing of when your baby’s head engages (descends) into the pelvis does not indicate when you will go into labor.”

“Your baby’s head will engage around 38 weeks for many first-time mothers, but many babies move into the pelvis much earlier than this,” But it doesn’t mean those mums will give birth earlier. ”.

MFMer Socksxx concurred, saying “Your bump dropping has very little relevance to when you will deliver.” “My sister gave birth at 41 weeks after experiencing a very early miscarriage at around 29 weeks. When my waters broke and my baby was born at exactly 38 weeks, my bump didn’t start to diminish at all. ”.

You may not notice a bump drop even if your midwife can see that your baby’s head is engaged.

My baby is head down and about three-fifths engaged, but my bump has not dropped,” claims SazzyJay.

14 Braxton Hicks Contractions

According to babycenter, a woman will probably notice her Braxton Hicks contractions getting a little stronger and more frequent around the time her belly drops. com. Despite the fact that they may seem authentic, these are merely the body’s equivalent of warm-ups. Her body will get ready for actual contractions by having erratic practice contractions as labor approaches. All the excitement of giving birth to a baby without going through it

When compared to true labor contractions, Braxton Hicks contractions have erratic patterns and are milder in intensity. If she changes positions, they should stop lasting 15 to 30 seconds.

How do I know when my baby has dropped in my pelvis?

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