Season 2 16 And Pregnant Cast

All of the girls featured this season were pregnant before the first show aired, but MTV is currently casting for a potential fourth season.

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The compelling reality drama on MTV 16

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However, things between Maci and ex-husband Ryan have gotten messy, with Ryan exclusively alleging that his ex-wife “poisoned” his now 12-year-old son against him.

Kail has also entered the world of podcasts, where she runs her own program called Coffee and Convos.

Many of the show’s stars later appeared in Teen Mom spin-offs, but some of the cast members chose a different path. Here we explore what happened to the program’s main moms.

In the episode of 16 and Pregnant featuring Leah’s friend Kailyn, she discussed her first pregnancy with her then-boyfriend Jo Rivera and the lack of assistance from her own family.

In retaliation, Maci claimed Ryan “doesn’t spend that much time” with his father and isn’t “comfortable” with him.

Kiaya, a cast member, is 19 years old and lives in Norfolk, Virginia. She was in a serious relationship with Teazha, but the two broke up when Teazha cheated, and Kiaya later became pregnant by XZayveon, a 17-year-old. After reconciling, Kiaya and Teazha are now raising the child together. While XZayveon is currently absent because he is serving time in an adult prison, his grandmother Carla still wishes to be involved in her young grandson’s life, despite Kiaya’s wishes that she refrain. Close.

Cast MemberAGE: 19 CITY: Newberg, OR Brianna moved to Oregon with her mother and Braeson for a fresh start after ending her toxic relationship with Danae, but it proved more difficult than she had anticipated to juggle two jobs and raise Braeson alone. When an old friend got in touch with Brianna about some unexpected news that might have a lasting impact on her and Braeson’s lives, she decided to start dating again. Close.

Rachel was a popular teenager from a small Tennessee town who was always known for being a wild child and a party girl. When Rachel’s mother learns that Rachel is also pregnant, she is infuriated because Rachel’s 18-year-old sister recently had a baby. Although Rachel is unsure if the child is her boyfriend Drew’s or his best friend Jacob’s, she is adamant that she will put her old habits behind her and concentrate on raising her daughter. Close.

After much conflict with Izaiah’s father Stephan, the cast member Kayla ended their relationship and began a new one with college basketball player Luke in Cortland, Illinois. When Kayla learns she is expecting baby number two, Luke must choose between staying at home to help Kayla with the new baby or pursuing his dream of playing Division I ball. Close.

Ashley’s tumultuous relationship with Bar, the father of her daughter Holly, has had many highs and lows, but his persistent lack of motivation has driven Ashley to the brink of breaking. She decides to break up with Bar and work on their co-parenting as she concentrates on her studies, but when Ashley starts spending time with Chicago rapper 600Breezy, Bar is not pleased. Close.

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