Sick After Drinking Alcohol Could I Be Pregnant

Drinking alcohol also puts pregnant people at risk

Due to consequences like these, pregnant women who drink run the risk of endangering their own health.

  • vomiting and dehydration
  • high blood pressure
  • nutritional deficiency
  • gestational diabetes.
  • Drinking alcohol puts your developing baby at risk

    Your developing child can receive roughly the same amount of alcohol from your blood when you drink.

    This could harm your baby’s developing brain and limit their ability to grow and develop both physically and mentally.

    The following are some of the most significant dangers of exposing your unborn child to alcohol:

  • slowed fetal growth
  • low birth weight
  • premature birth
  • miscarriage (losing a baby before 24 weeks of pregnancy)
  • stillbirth (a baby being born dead after 24 weeks of pregnancy)
  • a range of physical, mental, behavioural and learning disabilities that are collectively called fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
  • Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a range of physical, mental, behavioural and learning disabilities that someone may experience due to fetal alcohol exposure. There is currently no information on the level of alcohol consumption that causes FASD , therefore avoiding alcohol during pregnancy is recommended as a preventative measure.

    It’s not known how many people have FASD in Australia. Experts suspect there are many unreported cases. According to the 2016 National Drug Strategy Household Survey, 25% of women continued to drink after learning they were pregnant.

    It didn’t occur to me until I got home and started getting ready for another quick trip Before even daring to purchase the pregnancy test, I waited a few more days to see if I might be pregnant. Sure enough, I was.

    As a health reporter, the implications immediately hit me. When I realized I wasn’t at least six weeks along, I panicked and made an urgent appointment with my gynecologist.

    According to the CDC, “there is no known safe amount of alcohol that is safe for a woman to drink at any stage of pregnancy, not even beer or wine.” Similar advice was given by the American Academy of Pediatrics, who cited the conventional wisdom that no one can determine whether even one drink is too much.

    But it’s also possible to not know you are pregnant. I had been married for a long time, and unless you’re doing the let’s-time-it-for-conception thing, the thought just isn’t there. Younger women may be painfully aware of the odds of being pregnant.

    It turned out that the destination wedding was the best party I had been to in a long time because I was finally able to enjoy the alcohol that was being served in alarming amounts.

    The Effects Alcohol Can Have On Your Pregnancy

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