Top 10 Best Prenatal Spa Packages in New York, NY

“Nicoles hands exude confidence, skill and intuition. She immediately put my mind at ease, and it was amazing to see how my body reacted by letting go of tension that had been accumulated over years. She really listened to what I wanted to work on and immediately relieved those areas. “.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful massage yesterday, I can’t thank you enough.” I feel so much better, and my lower back’s curvature has completely changed. I felt great after doing some stretches and upper body exercises today; hopefully, by the time I return to ballet class tomorrow, I will notice a significant difference. I’m thrilled to have you as my doula. I knew we were a good fit over the phone, but meeting you in person was even better. I really appreciate how important you were to my pregnancy. ”.

“I am so grateful that I met Nicole while she was pregnant.” I desperately needed a person who could locate the pains, tensions, and knots in my body, release them, and leave me feeling blissful for that hour and refreshed afterward. Nicole possesses the force, intuition, and technique necessary to pull that off. As long as I am able to, I will keep seeing her because she has become a vital part of my week. And she has also gotten my husband hooked. His stressful job has allowed him to find a great deal of relief in her massages. Nicole, you really have a gift ! Thank you !!”.

%E2%80%9CHaving had pre-natal and postpartum massages from Nicole, I recommend her 100% I greatly benefited from her knowledge of holistic living both during and after my pregnancy, not just with regard to massage. She always acts with great professionalism and consideration for your feelings. Every time I received a massage, I felt refreshed and at ease. Nicole paid attention to the areas that bothered me and concentrated on them while maintaining alignment throughout the body. You won’t regret scheduling an appointment with her because she is arguably the best massage therapist I’ve encountered in NYC. “.

“Cycles of a woman’s life. As a woman lives them, she will come to understand these internal feminine rhythms more and more. These rhythms include those of creativity, giving birth to psychic babies and possibly also human ones, solitude, play, rest, sexuality, and the hunt. One need not push it, the understanding will come. “.

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