What is the Significance of the Sybil’s Picture in The Family Stone?

Is the photo in family Stone of Diane Keaton?

Young Diane Keaton is depicted in the photograph that Meredith (Sarah Jessica Parker) presents to Sybil’s family when she is pregnant. Keaton has never been pregnant, though, and the picture was altered to make it appear that way.

A wholesome family comedy called “The Family Stone” examines the flaws in familial relationships. Although the Stone family as a whole is progressive and inclusive, there are some internal conflicts. The problems and complexities are revealed when Everett brings his girlfriend, Meredith, to spend Christmas with his family. Meredith feels out of place and makes an excessive effort to win over every member of the family.

Meredith worries about how everyone will perceive her as a result of her efforts, which result in comedic mishaps and misunderstandings. But as the story goes on, we see everyone change, and Meredith surprises the family by giving them a picture in a frame. So let’s find out what the significance of the picture Meredith gives the family is, shall we?

The Oscar-winning actress was quite involved in the process too. While speaking to Female First, Keaton said, “I gave Tom a bunch of photos of me when I was in my twenties.” She also explained, “They did doctor it up because I’ve never given birth to a child.” In the scene, Diane Keaton’s expressions and performance are so compelling that the audience resonates with her feelings. Diane saw the scene as a tribute to her mother, Dorothy Keaton, because the latter clicked the original picture.

The role is also special for Diane Keaton because of her mother. According to Entertainment Weekly, Diane Keaton said, “I thought of my mother and how much she meant to me in my life. What that experience is like to know you’re dying? There was never anyone in my life like her. She was the greatest mother. So it was very moving for me to play that part.” Thus, Meredith’s gift in the film carries an emotional significance for Sybil and Diane, who plays the character.

In the beginning of the film, Sybil is revealed to have breast cancer and will soon pass away. Everyone forgets the minor disagreements they have because of the tragedy, which brings the family closer together. As the story progresses, Meredith’s gift brings everyone together when they are all feeling down and depressed on Christmas morning due to various circumstances. All children identify with the image despite it being of Amy and Sybil because they have all been there. Sybil is not shown until the same image appears on the wall behind the Christmas tree when the movie cuts to the family reuniting for another Christmas. Sybil is and will always be with the family in spirit, in a poetic way.

What is The Family Stone movie about?

For Christmas, Everett Stone (Dermot Mulroney) wants to introduce Meredith Morton (Sarah Jessica Parker) to his artistic Connecticut family. Meredith, feeling isolated and in need of support, asks her sister Julie (Claire Danes) to accompany her. Sybil (Diane Keaton) and Kelly (Craig T. Nelson) are the parents of her boyfriend, and she wants their approval. Instead of making friends with Nelson) and the rest of the family, Meredith only succeeds in emphasizing her controlling personality and making Everett question his motives. The Family Stone/Film synopsis.

Who is Diane Keaton in the Family Stone?

Diane Keaton as Sybil Stone, the family’s strong-willed, bohemian matriarch. She deals with the recurrence of the fatal illness despite having survived breast cancer.

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