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Testing beforehand: You can use the test up to 4 days before you expect your period. Compared to waiting until you miss your period to test, that is 5 days earlier. The amount of pregnancy hormone increases rapidly in early pregnancy. In clinical testing with early pregnancy samples, the test gave the following results: -4 Days 53%, -3 Days 74%, -2 Days 84%, -1 Day 87% For in vitro diagnostic use. Home pregnancy test. The test is easy to use and easy to read. Test 5 days before missed period*. Accurate results in just2 minutes. Contains: 3 test sticks 2 1 English Spanish instruction insert. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content.

Walgreens One Step Pregnancy Test instructions

Before purchasing the Walgreens One Step Pregnancy Test, read the instructions. That way, you’ll understand how the test works. Having more knowledge will also enable you to determine whether the test is appropriate for you and your way of life.

Always use the instructions that come inside your unit’s package.

You can use the Walgreens One Step Pregnancy Test successfully whether you prefer English or Spanish.

Read your pregnancy test’s instructions before you use the test.

Make sure you have a watch or timer on hand before you begin your test. To keep track of passing time, you could also use the “timer” feature on your phone.

Verify the expiration date on the packaging and the sealed pouch inside. Never use an expired test.

You can test at any time of day if you start from the day of your anticipated period. However, if you test early, always use the day’s first urine.

Always keep the absorbent tip pointing down. You risk having your test results invalidated if you point the tip upward after exposing it to urine.

Give your Walgreens One Step Pregnancy Test’s tip exactly five seconds of exposure to your urine.

You can urinate into a clean cup if you can’t get the pregnancy test’s tip into your urine stream.

Use enough urine to completely immerse the absorbent tip.

No longer than 20 seconds should be spent dipping the tip of your pregnancy test into the urine.

Place your test on a flat surface after letting the absorbent tip come into contact with your urine. Wait for your results to appear for no more than 10 minutes (but no more than two minutes).

Moving your test too early may invalidate your result.

If you read your result too soon or too late, it will be invalid. If you wait longer than 10 minutes, discard the test.

  • A valid result will always have a line in the “Control” window.
  • A positive result will have a plus sign in the “Result” window.
  • A negative result will have no colored lines in the “Result” window.
  • If one of the lines that make up the “” symbol is lighter or darker than the other, it makes no difference. ”.

    In other words, a thin line on one or both of the “” sign’s segments denotes a “positive” outcome.

    You’re in luck if you prefer to read Walgreens One Step Pregnancy Test instructions in Spanish. The Spanish instructions are provided on the back of the English instructions by Inverness Medical, LLC, the product’s distributor.

    If you have concerns regarding your pregnancy test, speak with a doctor or other appropriately qualified professional.

    CPG Health does not provide medical advice.

    Always read the instructions carefully before beginning a pregnancy test. Complete instructions are included with each kit. Be sure to time the test accurately. It may produce inaccurate results if you read it too soon. The morning is the ideal time to conduct a home pregnancy test. At this time, your urine is most concentrated, making it easier to find HCG levels. For some women, urine that is too diluted may produce a false-negative result.

    The method of performing a pregnancy test depends on the test you select and how simple it is to use a home pregnancy test. You typically urinate into a cup and dip a stick into the urine for at-home pregnancy tests. Some people insert the dipstick right into their urine stream. If you are pregnant, the dipstick changes color or turns into a plus sign. Some pregnancy tests are digital and display the results on an LCD screen on the indicator stick, flashing “pregnant” or “not pregnant.”

    A hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, is found during pregnancy tests. Levels of this hormone start to rise after fertilization and pregnancy. A pregnancy test can find this hormone in your urine to some extent. Some pregnancy tests can determine whether you’re pregnant before you’ve even missed a period because HCG levels increase quickly once you become pregnant.

    Some home pregnancy tests are labeled “early pregnancy tests. As early as four days before your period is due, you can take this test. It’s possible for the test to come back falsely negative at this point. A false negative test means that it shows you are not pregnant when you are actually pregnant. If you have the test before your period is due, this is more likely to occur. Your HCG level may not be high enough when you test before the start of your period for the test to detect it. You can take the test again after the day of your scheduled period has passed for additional assurance. Because a digital pregnancy test is so simple to read, some people prefer them. Once the test is finished, the results are shown on an LCD screen. This means you dont have to interpret the results yourself. A non-digital pregnancy test that uses a “plus” or “minus” or a color change can be challenging to read at times.

    Home pregnancy tests are convenient and simple to perform. For all of your needs, Walgreens has a variety of pregnancy and fertility products. Visit your doctor as soon as you find out you’re pregnant to receive the care you need to safeguard both your and your unborn child’s health.

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