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Eddie was the main suspect in her murder and in the recent murder of Fred when her body was found in his trailer, and as a result, the entire town launched a manhunt for Eddie, especially Chrissy’s boyfriend Jason who thought Eddie used a Satanic ritual to kill Chrissy and Fred.

Chrissy, a local of Hawkins, Indiana, embodied the archetypal uber-popular girl; by 1986, she was the head cheerleader at her high school and dating the basketball team captain, Jason Carver. Although everything appeared to be perfect, Chrissy was actually struggling and desperately trying to conceal her depression and self-confidence problems caused by her mother’s emotional abuse. [2].

Later, Max Mayfield, Dustin Henderson, and Steve Harrington broke into Ms Kellys office in search of Chrissys file. They discovered it with Freds and examined the signs she had been exhibiting prior to Vecna’s murder. When Max compared the files, one of the symptoms was headaches, which Fred also reported having. Additionally, prior to their deaths, Chrissy and Fred were both seeing the same counselor and shared a history of traumatic events. Max had also been seeing Ms. Kelly had been exhibiting the same symptoms as Chrissy and Fred due to her nightmares about Billy’s death. When Max noticed Chrissy’s symptoms, she realized that if she and her friends did not find a cure in time, she would probably meet the same end.

Max Mayfield saw Chrissy and Eddie that evening as they entered his trailer from Eddie’s van. Inside, Eddie apologised to Chrissy for having a messy house. He responded that he shared a residence with his uncle, who was absent, when she inquired about whether he resided there alone. Eddie responded that it depended on how she used the drugs when Chrissy questioned how long it took for the drugs to start working. Eddie then left her to look for the drug after she inquired about his certainty that he had it. While he was gone, Chrissy heard the clock again. She approached the noise slowly and peered out of Eddie’s window. She called Eddie and asked if he had found the drugs as she frantically closed the curtains. When she received no response, she cried out again. Chrissy rushed into the hallway when she was met with silence, calling and looking for Eddie. Chrissy had moved out of the tiny trailer and into a bigger house. She called out to her mother desperately after spotting her seated and sewing a dress. Her mothers voice changed into a deep, creepy groan. When the woman turned around, she revealed a demonic face. Chrissy found herself in a different hallway, gasping for air as she stood by the door. When Chrissy’s “mother” attempted to open the door, she pulled on it to keep it closed. Chrissy screamed in terror at her mother’s horrifying voice as she yelled at her to open the door. Chrissy fled down a flight of stairs when the door burst, where she discovered her father. Chrissy’s dad was seated in a chair, but when he turned around, his mouth was stitched shut and his eyes were gouged out. Chrissy screamed.

Jason and Chrissy’s relationship was initially thought to be loving and healthy. But it turns out he might not have known her as well as he thought. Although she acknowledged Jason’s expression of affection at the pep rally and he showed it to her during the basketball game, the two did not engage in any additional public interactions. It is revealed that despite how much they cared for one another, she never told Jason about her difficult home situation or internal struggles. Jason and his team won the championship game, and they celebrated alone at the now-closed Benny’s Burgers. Jason thought Chrissy had gone home after the game and might come back to see them. To deal with her headaches and psychotic episodes, she decided to purchase drugs from Eddie Munson. Though she was unaware of it, these occurrences were Vecna’s fault for preying on her trauma and eventually led to Chrissy’s murder, which left Jason heartbroken and driven to avenge her death. Jason spiraled out of control after Chrissy’s death because of his love for her, guilt, grief, and anger. He was unaware of Chrissy’s trauma and personal struggles throughout her life and thought Eddie had sacrificed Chrissy to the devil.

The Hellfire Club, the first episode of Stranger Things Season 4, introduced us to a number of new characters, including Chrissy Cunningham. Chrissy is portrayed as being sweet, considerate, and compassionate in the show. In fact, after witnessing her interactions with Eddie Munson, we begin to like this new character.

Eddie initially offers Chrissy his standard fare, but she requests something more substantial. So, later that day, Eddie drives Chrissy home as Max stands by and observes them. Eddie begins looking for what Chrissy requested, but sadly, Vecna later takes possession of Chrissy. It appears as though Chrissy’s body is in Eddie’s trailer but she is not conscious of it. She discovers herself in a more sinister version of her Hawkins home, where she encounters a distorted representation of her parents. Therefore, it is clear that Chrissy was in the Upside Down at that time, where Vecna is catching up to her.

Chrissy, the cheerleader for the basketball team at Hawkins High, undoubtedly had a bright future. Many fans believed that she would eventually join the gang, but the Duffer Brothers had different plans for the character. Chrissy has been experiencing strange visions in which she hears a voice calling her name, as shown in the pilot episode. We all know Vecna is haunting Chrissy, but the show doesn’t make that clear until the very end of the episode.

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