What Pregnancy Test Is More Accurate

The best pregnancy test strips (that you can buy in bulk)

Although hCG test strips occasionally receive a bad rap, they are extremely popular among those trying to conceive. You can indulge your impatience and use them daily (or more frequently) if you buy a large package of individually wrapped strips for 25 to 50 cents each. Although some people might see positive results earlier, the majority—if not all—strips are made and tested to find pregnancy-related levels of hCG at the day of an anticipated period or later, so for the majority, this won’t end up being much of an advantage.

If you want to make sure that a pregnancy has ended, testing with strips may also be helpful. Dr. Although this isn’t necessary—doctors occasionally have their patients take just one test at the suggested time after a loss or termination—Bavan suggested that it might be convenient to have extra tests on hand to use while you’re waiting.

Our pick: First Response Early Result

What Pregnancy Test Is More Accurate

The most accurate at-home pregnancy test currently offered in the US is the First Response Early Result wand test. We also found it very easy to use and read.

If you want to test early, get First Response Early Result. Five days prior to the day of an anticipated period (six days prior to the day of a missed period), it should be able to identify pregnancy. In the company%E2%80%99s own studies using urine samples from people trying to conceive, the tests detected the pregnancy hormone hCG in 48% of pregnant individuals six days before their expected periods There is therefore a 50/50 chance that the test will be accurate if it is conducted that early. This value rises to 76% at five days before an expected period, 96% at four days, and 99% at three days

What Pregnancy Test Is More Accurate

This test is the most sensitive of our picks. According to the manufacturer, First Response tests can pick up 10 mIU/mL of hCG 100% of the time and 6 mIU/ml about 50% of the time; this has been corroborated by a few independent research studies The business added that high hCG or hCG variant concentrations have no effect on the test’s accuracy.

Additionally, during our own (non-scientific) testing, a very diluted pregnancy pee solution produced the test’s clearest positive reading. As you can see in the picture, only the First Response wand (bottom) registered faint blue marks while the other pregnancy tests barely registered positive results with a fuchsia line.

What Pregnancy Test Is More Accurate

First Response’s wand tests are easy to handle—not too small, not too clunky. The absorbent tip wicks pee right up, whether you’re using the stream or dip method. This test takes 1 to 3 minutes to develop, and the bright lines are easy to see. First Response also has an easy-to-use app that scans photos of its tests, if you want a second opinion on a particularly faint line. In our testing of this wand, we haven’t seen anything that could be mistaken for a false positive, so we found that we didn’t need the app. Given the privacy issues surrounding reproductive care and how mobile apps share data, we would not recommend downloading the app unless it’s absolutely necessary.

One of the priciest wand tests available is First Response Early Result, which costs about $5 per test when ordered online. If you simply walk into a pharmacy, you may have to pay around $8 per test.

As far as we’re aware, First Response is the only brand in our analysis that uses biotin (a common vitamin, found in many over-the-counter supplements) in its chemistry. This means it’s theoretically possible that large enough amounts of biotin in urine could interfere with the test and produce a false negative or prevent the control line from appearing, clinical chemist David Grenache said. In fact, there have been published reports of biotin interference happening in clinical labs.

The majority of pregnancy tests, including First Response, are examined for potential hormone and medication interference, but biotin is not one of them. Some First Response test users have posted their inaccurately negative results online, blaming biotin as the cause. Similar to the amount of hCG, there are numerous factors that can cause biotin levels in urine to change. Consider getting a different test if you take a biotin-containing supplement, or wait a few days to take the test after stopping the supplement. The test instructions make no mention of this potential interaction.

The First Response Early Result test’s ultra-high sensitivity also makes it more likely to identify chemical pregnancies, which Dr According to Bavan, this could give infertile couples false hope, only to be disappointed, as well as unnecessary stress for those hoping for a bad outcome.

If you want confirmation that you are not pregnant, super-high sensitivity doesn’t provide much. Dr. Regardless of the test’s sensitivity, according to Bavan, if the results are negative, you should still test again a week after your anticipated period to be absolutely certain. Any test will then be sensitive enough for the majority of people. She advised following up with a doctor right away if you have a history of irregular periods, pregnancy symptoms, pain, or abnormal bleeding.

There are other rare situations where a more sensitive test could be more likely to give false positive results. For example, hCG can increase during perimenopause. One study found that 1.3% of home pregnancy tests taken by women ages 41 to 55 would be false positives. The manufacturer reported to the FDA a similar rate of false positives for this age group.

How soon will a pregnancy test be positive?

It depends on which type of test you use. Before you miss your period, some at-home pregnancy tests may be able to detect pregnancy. However, it’s best to wait until you have missed your period if you want the most accurate result.

Pregnancy tests are about 99% accurate when you use them correctly

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