When did Ziva get pregnant on NCIS?

When the team locates Kort, Tony must return to work. Tony is furious despite the criminal’s claim that he was unaware that Ziva would be there. DiNozzo and the rest of the team shoot Kort several more times than are actually necessary as soon as he reaches for his gun.

Tony returns home and discovers a framed image of Ziva and him on a trip to Paris. Tali points to Ziva in the picture and says, “Ima,” which is Hebrew for “Mother.” When Tony’s daughter points to him and says, “Aba,” which is Hebrew for “Father,” he is shocked. He just assumed Ziva hadn’t brought him up to Tali, but it appears that Tali is fully aware of who he is. Tony chooses to give their daughter Ziva’s Star of David necklace.

Friends and relatives help Tony care for Tali. Palmer (Brian Dietzen) comes over with food and babyproofing gear. When he asks Tony if he’ll ever return to work, Tony seems to think the question is silly. Palmer continues by stating that Tali will likely want to emulate DiNozzo because it is difficult to be a single parent while serving in the military. Tony doesn’t look happy about that idea.

Tony wants revenge. Tony is prepared to kill Ziva’s killer, Kort (David Dayan Fisher), but Gibbs (Mark Harmon) sends him home to mourn When Mossad Director Orli Elbaz (Marina Sirtis) arrives at the office with a special visitor—his daughter—he is summoned back to the office.

One of Ziva’s favorite cities, Paris, is one that Tony claims he will visit while on his travels with Tali. Gibbs understands and even appears to have anticipated the news.

Under the leadership of Director Vance

Ziva briefly returned to Mossad and was observed performing covertly at a Moroccan bar. She later survived an explosion and went back to work for NCIS.

Due to Ziva’s purported loyalty to NCIS and the knowledge that she had been in contact with fellow Mossad agent Michael Rivkin, Tony and Ziva got into a heated argument. The two agents eventually met and got into a heated argument as a result of Tony looking into Rivkin on his own after this prompted him to do so.

“Gimel, Vav, Chet, Shin” was Ziva’s Mossad access code, she revealed. ” (ג,ו,ח,ש).

When she later returned to her apartment, Tony and Rivkin were both hurt. She made the decision to administer CPR to Rivkin and accompany him to the hospital. Later, she told Gibbs—who had just finished speaking to Tony—that Rivkin had died as a result of his injuries, with Ziva claiming that Tony had killed Rivkin.

Ziva, Vance, Tony, and Gibbs arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel, hours later to meet with Mossad, who were seeking clarification regarding Rivkins’ death.

Ziva was presumed to be dead, but Tony and McGee discovered her and saved her; Gibbs then used a sniper rifle to kill their captor Saleem Ulman.

McGee asked Ziva why she was avoiding Tony when she spoke with him. Later, Tony is found by Ziva in the men’s restroom, and she retracts her earlier statement that she could not trust him. She kissed him on the cheek to express her feelings for him.

McGee and Tony were shocked when Ziva was admitted back into NCIS; they seemed pleased about it.

Soon after, Ziva informed her father, Director David, via email that she was leaving Mossad. She applied for official NCIS agent status as well, and was eventually accepted. In the interim, Ziva was given probationary agent status. S. citizen.

Ziva was sworn in as a citizen of the United States after passing her citizenship test.

Ziva studied for and passed her citizenship test over the ensuing months. She received her American passport.

After learning of Mike Franks’ passing, Ziva appeared visibly shaken and sobbed, and Tony later consoled her in the elevator. The two were later joined by Abby and McGee.

The Port to Port Killer knocked Ziva out and eventually caught her. Cobb was found to have kidnapped her and hidden her in his family’s barn, not killed her. He later surrendered, but Ziva informed the group that it was a ruse to gain access to NCIS, with Cobb later kidnapping Jimmy Palmer and EJ Barret.

Ziva was the only person who didn’t go to Frank’s funeral; perhaps this was because she was occupied with Ray at the time.

Before returning to the young girl he had never met, DiNozzo hugged McGee, agent Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham), and of course Harmon’s Gibbs. Gary Glasberg’s final episode of Weatherly ”.

The multi-episode arc about the serial killings of NCIS agents in the past and present was one of the show’s more intriguing ongoing storylines, and the episode not only marked the end of Weatherly’s tenure but also closed the door on it. Last week, NCIS made the shocking revelation that Trent Kort (David Dayan Fisher), the one-eyed former CIA agent and leaker of nuclear secrets who has come as close as NCIS has come to a Dr. Evil over the years.

By NCIS standards, the gun-toting Kort’s demise was particularly violent as the entire NCIS gang started shooting at him. DiNozzo, of course, got off the first round.

Weatherly delivered a tear-filled season finale that finally established DiNozzo’s relationship with Ziva went beyond a tarmac kiss a few seasons earlier as he concluded an emotional episode without his signature smirks or wisecracks. As DiNozzo’s father, Robert Wagner made a cameo appearance in the finale and urged his son to take a break from his intense emotions.

DiNozzo told his boss Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon), “I’m everything to that little girl now,” just before quitting his job to take Tali to Israel (for answers) and then possibly Paris (for fun).

Tony meets Tali for the first time “Family First” 13×24

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