When Does Your Stomach Get Hard During Pregnancy With Twins

Will You Gain Weight More Quickly With Twins?

People carrying twins are likely to gain weight more quickly than those carrying one fetus, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). And while an ultrasound is the only surefire way to diagnose a twin pregnancy, per Stanford Health, greater than average weight gain and a larger than average uterus can both be early symptoms of multiples.

Contrary to my moms doctors advice, gaining weight during the first trimester of a twin pregnancy is actually a good thing, too. ACOG recommends that people pregnant with twins eat about 600 calories extra each day to nourish themselves and their fetuses. As such, people pregnant with twins are expected to gain a total of 37 to 54 pounds during pregnancy, including about a pound per week in the first trimester. If people pregnant with multiples dont gain enough weight early in their pregnancies, it can lead to pregnancy complications, per a report published in The Journal of Perinatal Education.

Will You Start Showing Sooner If You’re Pregnant With Twins?

To find out more about when you might expect to start showing with your twin pregnancy, Romper spoke with Dr. Chasity Jennings-Nunez, MD, an OB-GYN in Los Angeles, California affiliated with Adventist Health-White Memorial, and Emily A. DeFranco, DO, MS, Director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Vice-Chair of Obstetrics at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

If you are expecting twins, you will likely begin “showing” earlier than if you were expecting just one fetus. Jennings-Nunez tells Romper that while there is no set period of time, this will typically occur sooner with multiple gestations. According to Jennings-Nunez, the position of your uterus also affects your pregnancy symptoms. The uterus is still below the level of the symphysis pubis until about 12 weeks in singleton pregnancies, and it is typically at the level of the umbilicus by 20 weeks. “.

According to DeFranco, “women who are pregnant with twins can expect to start showing sooner compared to those with a single baby.” This is because the uterus expands to accommodate the additional fetuses. DeFranco tells Romper that women carrying a single fetus typically begin “showing” around 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, whereas those carrying twins may notice that they do so around 14 to 15 weeks. “.

Nicole DiChristofaro, a twin mother of four children, provided an accurate estimate. “My twin pregnancy was my second pregnancy,” she tells Romper. People started noticing my bump at around 11 weeks, I was wearing maternity clothes by 14 weeks, and by 20 weeks, they were asking if I was close to giving birth. “.

When Does Your Stomach Get Hard During Pregnancy With Twins

How soon do you get a baby bump with twins?

The only thing we can say with certainty in this situation is that you will eventually feel enormous. When a mother of twins can anticipate that her bump will begin to become visible to others varies. However, keep in mind that just because you notice your tiny bump doesn’t mean it’s enough to catch other people’s attention just yet. Most twin moms report a twin bump toward the end of the first trimester. Be optimistic; before you know it, you’ll have a large baby bump!

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When Does Your Stomach Get Hard During Pregnancy With Twins

At what week does your stomach get hard during pregnancy?

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