When Should I Start Eating Dates During Pregnancy

When to start eating dates during pregnancy & how many dates to eat

The articles annoyed me because they made it difficult for me to understand the specifics. Okay, I should eat dates, but which ones, do they matter, how many, how often, and when should I start? Based on my research, I found the following:

  • Eat dates daily, beginning at 36 weeks pregnant
  • The type of date (i.e. medjool, deglet noor, fresh vs. dried, etc.) does not seem to matter
  • Eat 4-6 dates a day depending on the size – this should be about 60-70 grams worth. I recommend weighing your dates if you have a food scale so you can figure out how much you should have.
  • How to Eat Dates During Pregnancy Without Getting Bored

    Dates are so adaptable because they are so sweet and tasteless. Even though you can eat them plain by themselves, that gets pretty boring pretty fast. My favorite quick ways to eat them are:

  • Stuffed with salted cashews
  • Stuffed with any type of nut butter
  • On top of a Nut Thins cracker
  • Blended into any smoothie
  • Furthermore, dates are an ingredient in SO MANY nutritious and delectable recipes that can help you reach the 60–70 grams per day recommended at the end of pregnancy. I requested that my fellow bloggers share their go-to date-night recipes with you. I’ve put together a fantastic list of their favorites that will inspire you to satisfy any craving you might have at any time of day!

  • Vegan Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins (from C It Nutritionally)
  • When Should I Start Eating Dates During Pregnancy

  • Vegan Carrot Cake Quinoa Bars (from Byte Sized Nutrition)
  • When Should I Start Eating Dates During Pregnancy

  • Date Coffee Cake Yogurt Muffins with Cinnamon Streusel (from The Gourmet RD)
  • When Should I Start Eating Dates During Pregnancy

    When Should I Start Eating Dates During Pregnancy?

    You can begin consuming dates at any time during your pregnancy because they are such a nutritious superfood.

    Throughout your entire pregnancy, they serve as an incredible source of energy!

    Dates contain a lot of sugar, so if you have gestational diabetes, blood sugar issues, or are worried about Group B Strep, proceed with caution. Talk to your doctor about these concerns.

    According to the studies, 6 pieces of date fruit should be consumed daily. Start slowly and don’t overdo the dates as they do have a laxative effect on the body, so aim to be eating 6 dates per day by week 36, but it would probably be helpful to start even earlier!

    Is It Safe to Consume Dates During Pregnancy?

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