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what age will i get pregnant horoscope? , When will I get pregnant according to astrology?

When you are completely healthy and all of your medical tests come back negative but still want children, your horoscope can predict when you will become pregnant. Please send us your birthdate, birthtime, and birthplace. We can ask you some questions. You will learn which planets are causing obstruction and which planets you should worship after carefully studying your horoscope, among other things. You’ll be informed of simple methods for giving birth to your child. You can determine the precise age at which you will conceive or become pregnant from your horoscope. You will also be given the “Garbha raksha Mantra,” which protects the womb. These mantras can help you defend your unborn child while they are still inside the womb.

If a medical test, a low sperm count, or your father makes you uncomfortable, it is definitely treated. Everyone is rushing around in the hectic world of today, and nobody has time. Presently, the problem of infertility is becoming a serious problem. Our way of life and eating habits are primarily to blame for this. There are numerous couples without children living in the area. Despite the fact that all of the medical tests were normal, no results are yet available.

Consuming many types of medicines, but disappointment is at hand. Additionally, as people age, the optimal time to have children also changes. Many couples have experienced multiple miscarriages; these typically occur in the third or second month.

There are lots of couples who work two jobs and got married too late. They get very little time to mate. They are unable to even sleep together because of how busy they are at work. Spend some time getting married, having a child, and living together. Only this can solve your problem. According to astrology, solving this issue requires taking actions related to the planets.

Low sperm count in astrology: A contributing factor to infertility is a man’s male sperm having a low sperm count. Most of the time, men do not have their sperm tested and instead force all of their feelings on the woman. Low sperm count rates were found to be the primary cause of infertility in the majority of cases. The number of dead sperm increased and the amount of dead sperm decreased when the male was given the indigenous medicines. Negation of Venus also reduces sperm count in semen. The male fixes sex in this way, but he is unable to have a child.

Why this problem occurs – This problem is becoming common. The biggest reason for this is food and drink. People outside eat whatever they can, and fast food is common. Because poisonous ingredients like edetamato are used in fast food to enhance flavor, both men and women lose their ability to procreate over time. The majority of the time, working while seated is also detrimental. Putting on tight underwear creates heat that kills sperm. Do not eat from outside, eat only homemade food.

Nothing, not even a wild child, can frighten a Gemini woman. These women are actually among the few who can be their children’s best friends. Having said that, your most fertile months of the year are from December 25 to January 15 and from August 25 to September 15.

Taurus women are typically wild, but when it comes to parenting, they prefer a submissive child. They are devoted mothers who give their kids a lot of thought. So, between July 25 and August 15 and November 25 to December 15 is the best time of year to get pregnant in order to have peaceful children.

Virgo women are time-bound. They are well-organized, meticulous planners, and extremely powerful people. If you’re a Virgo woman, you understand completely what we’re discussing. Between May 25 and June 15 and September 25 and October 15 of this year, if you’ve been trying to get pregnant, fortune may be on your side.

Every woman imagines one day getting married and having kids. But, waiting for that “one day” can be very bothersome. If it’s any consolation, your zodiac sign has a significant impact on when you will become pregnant. Dive in to this free 2021 pregnancy horoscope guide for all the solutions you might require.

When it comes to their children, these women can be nasty and rude. When it comes to their children, they are incredibly generous and kind. When children fight, they want these mothers by their sides. Yes, they are feisty and always willing to engage in a brawl in order to protect their children.

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Every husband and wife wants their children to be happy, but if this work is delayed, people become upset. You shouldn’t be concerned if you’ve been married for three years but haven’t been able to have children. You should speak with a reputable doctor about it if it has been more than 3 years.

Additionally, you can predict when and how you will become pregnant using your birth chart, moon sign, and zodiac sign. When you provide the astrologer with your birth information, he carefully reviews your horoscope and informs you of the planets that are preventing you from becoming pregnant and what you can do to resolve them. In addition, having a child is possible even after carefully studying the menstrual cycle, fertile days, and fertile window. Get complete information about it when a woman releases an egg and when the sperms match, at which point the child is born. You can speak with astrologer Bhrigu pandit ji to inquire about his predictions for your and your children’s lives in the years 2021 and 2022.

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