17 surprising reasons why a guy might want to get you pregnant

4) It’s his way of keeping you ‘his’

Maybe you’ll spend several months working in a remote or rural office. And your man can’t go because he’s got work.

He wants to be sure you won’t betray him in any way. Therefore, he will make you pregnant in order to prevent you from having an affair.

It’s essentially his way of letting the others know that you are his!

2) He thinks it’ll save your relationship

Maybe you’re through with him and the relationship. He tries to get you pregnant just as you’re about to leave.

It’s not because he’s changed for the better, no. He might be making a calculated effort to maintain the relationship.

Undoubtedly, becoming pregnant may cause you to reconsider leaving, just as the Quora poster I mentioned earlier did. But as you can see, trying to save a failing relationship by having a baby isn’t always successful.

As a Medicine Net article explains:

A marriage or relationship should never be attempted to be saved by having a child. The issues you had prior to having a child will persist, and additional issues or worries will undoubtedly arise as a result of the additional stress that comes with parenthood. ”.

He’s in love with you

It makes sense that a couple in love would consider their future together. They imagine having children, getting married, and living in a house with a white picket fence.

Therefore, it makes sense that he would have these thoughts if he were in love with you. And he’s probably thinking that you feel the same way. [Read: 10 early signs to watch for to determine if you are pregnant]

Maybe he’s a teacher, or he wants to be. Or he absolutely loves his nieces and nephews. It is normal for him to want to get you pregnant if you have seen him around children and he just seems like a natural father.

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