How To Get Rid Of Gas During Pregnancy

Gas is a common problem during pregnancy, and it can be uncomfortable and even painful. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to help relieve gas. Here are some tips for getting rid of gas during pregnancy: Eat Slowly and Chew Thoroughly Eating slowly and chewing your food thoroughly can help to … Read more

Throwing Up Blood While Pregnant? What to Know

Pregnancy can bring about many changes in a woman’s body, some of which can be uncomfortable or even alarming. One such symptom that can be particularly concerning is vomiting blood. While it’s not a common occurrence, it’s important to know what can cause it and what to do if it happens to you. Causes of … Read more

Pregnancy weight gain: What’s healthy?

Pregnancy is a time of great change in a woman’s body, and one of the most noticeable changes is weight gain. While it’s natural and necessary to gain weight during pregnancy, it’s important to aim for a healthy amount of weight gain to ensure the health of both you and your baby. So, what’s a … Read more

23 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months

Your Pregnant Belly at 23 Weeks The distance between the pubic bone and the top of the uterus in a typical 23-week pregnant belly is between 21 and 25 centimeters. (That’s the fundal height of your 23 week baby bump. (At 23 weeks, you have most likely gained 12 to 15 pounds. Additionally, if you … Read more

Is It Safe to Do Jumping Jacks While Pregnant?

You need your doctor’s go-ahead first. If a patient has certain medical conditions or pregnancy complications, some doctors may restrict her activities to lower the risk to her and her unborn child. So, always check to see if it’s okay with your exercise schedule. “Before beginning your exercise program talk to your doctor or health … Read more

Can I Take 1000Mg Of Vitamin C When Pregnant

It’s up to you whether you decide to take an additional vitamin C supplement; you might feel the need to do so during the cold and flu season or if you have other young children at home who are constantly passing on their preschool germs to you. However, you should first consult your doctor to … Read more

Should pregnant moms be concerned about gastroenteritis?

When is it time to see the doctor for gastroenteritis?If you can’t keep anything down, even clear liquids, it’s time to see the doctor. We’ll want to make sure you aren’t dehydrated, and we’ll perform laboratory tests to rule out medical emergencies that have similar digestive symptoms, such as appendicitis. While fever isn’t typically a … Read more

How Much Folic Acid Should I Take When Pregnant

What Are the Benefits of Folic Acid? Pregnant or trying to get pregnant women should consume at least 400 micrograms (0 4 milligrams) of folic acid daily, both before and after conception, for at least three months. Studies reveal that doing so substantially lowers a baby’s risk of having serious neural tube defects. Neural tube … Read more

How to Get Pregnant After Depo

How does the Depo-Provera shot affect your body? Depo-Provera is the brand name for a progestin-based contraceptive injection known as depot medroxyprogesterone acetate. Not only does the shot work by suppressing ovulation, it also thickens the cervical mucus while thinning the uterine lining to prevent pregnancy. In other words, it prevents the ovaries from releasing … Read more

All About Upper Back Pain During Pregnancy

First Trimester Back Pain Tip #1: One method you can use at home is to exercise by performing the motion shown in the video above. If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant, lying on your back is typically regarded as safe. If you have any specific concerns about this, consult your midwife, GP, or … Read more

Dark Urine Pregnancy Third Trimester

8 Hygiene Rules for a Healthy Vagina According to the Cleveland Clinic, many pregnant women will notice changes in their urine throughout their pregnancies, and many may even notice that they are urinating more often than usual before they have missed their first period or taken a pregnancy test. This occurs as a result of … Read more