Can You Get Pregnant From Fingering? (for Teens)

More questions from patients: Your chances of getting pregnant from precum are pretty low. But it is possible. Precum, also referred to as pre-ejaculate, is a tiny amount of fluid that emerges from the penis upon arousal but prior to ejaculation. It doesn’t usually have any sperm in it. But occasionally, a small amount of … Read more

I’m spotting, but I had a positive pregnancy test. What could that mean?

Implantation bleeding is usually brown. Because the bleeding typically occurs around the time that a person anticipates their period, some people may mistake it for their monthly period. People who experience unusual bleeding after having sex should take pregnancy into account because implantation bleeding frequently has a lighter and shorter flow than a period. A … Read more

Solar Eclipse 2021 Pregnancy Precautions: Dos and Don’ts every pregnant woman should keep in mind during Surya Grahan

You probably don’t need to visit a botanica or curandera if you want to shield yourself from the negative effects of an eclipse. Safety pins are pretty easy to come by. Garcia continues, “And of course I think everyone owns a pair of red underwear.” “. “My grandmother used to constantly remind me of this,” … Read more

Can You Eat Runny Or Over Easy Eggs While Pregnant?

Is it Safe to Eat Over-Easy Eggs When Pregnant? Due to their undercooked and runny yolk, over-easy eggs are generally not recommended to be consumed while pregnant. Eating undercooked eggs increases your risk of salmonella food poisoning. Pregnant women are especially susceptible to salmonella. Each nation has slightly different rules regarding the consumption of eggs … Read more