Is It Really Safe To Wear Shapewear When You’re Pregnant?

Planning for a pregnancy can be a period of intense preparation. From registering for baby showers to stocking up on supplies, pregnant women often think of how to make the journey to motherhood as comfortable as possible. One of the biggest questions for expecting mothers is, “Can I wear Spanx while pregnant?” Spanx are designed to be body-shaping and slimming, but can they be worn during pregnancy? In this blog post, we will explore this question and provide insight into the benefits and risks of wearing Spanx while pregnant. We will look at the role Spanx can play in providing relief from the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, as well as discussing the safety of wearing Spanx while pregnant. We will also explore the potential benefits of wearing Spanx during pregnancy, such as providing a smoother silhouette and reducing the appearance of stretch marks. By the end of this post, readers should have a better understanding of the potential risks and benefits of wearing Spanx during pregnancy.

It is never a good idea to wear shapewear during pregnancy that is too tight or places unwanted pressure on various body parts. Sherry A. Ross, M.D. “In theory, maternity shapewear is supposed to be more comfortable for you and less taxing on your body than regular shapewear. So long as you make sure the shapewear you’re wearing fits your body properly, wearing it while pregnant isn’t necessarily riskier. Shapewear clothing worn during pregnancy and postpartum must generally be comfortable while supporting your body, says Dr Ross says. The ribs, abdominal muscles, liver, spleen, and intestines shouldn’t be overly compressed or squeezed by pregnancy or postpartum shapewear clothing. “In fact, Dr. Ross claims that the type of shapewear she is most concerned about pregnant women wearing is

Should I Size Up My Shapewear During Pregnancy?

It can be a good idea to, yes. It’s a good idea to purchase your shapewear in a size or two larger than usual and adjust as your pregnancy progresses because, of course, your stomach will be changing shape and you’ll probably see some extra weight gain.

Specially-designed Spanx for PREGNANT women are the new maternity must-haves

  • With celebrity endorsements, sales of pregnancy shapewear are soaring
  • Control underwear is many womens secret weapon
  • But should expectant mothers squeeze into it because its fashionable?
  • And could Spanx affect an unborn babys wellbeing?
  • Can You Wear Spanx While Pregnant

    But are control pants suitable for expectant mothers?

    My memory of the night before the birth of my third child is positive. My husband and I had made the decision to hire a babysitter and go out for a special dinner for two as our final outing before the baby was born.

    I put on my coziest pair of granny knickers and a stretchy maternity bra while he waited for me to get ready. I looked in the mirror admiring my enormous bump before slipping into an empire-line dress to highlight my full curves.

    I headed out the door arm in arm with my husband, who said, lovingly, that he thought I looked like a ship in full sail. I was pleased with what I saw and proud as punch of my bump. He was right, and I felt wonderful, so I wasn’t even slightly offended.

    On that night in 2009, I never considered being concerned about my clumsy parts. I never once thought about whether I had a pert or sleek back. I was in a wonderful mood, overjoyed to be raising a new life, and feeling liberated from all the conventional limitations of fashion.

    Pregnant women are now the focus of the cellulite police. Pregnant women are increasingly expected to look svelte even in the later stages of pregnancy, unlike in the past when they could let it all hang out.

    Pregnancy shapewear, which lifts bottoms and smoothes out hips and thighs while supporting the lower back and stomach, is how this is to be accomplished.

    Pregnancy shapewear, which is readily available in every shape and size for women who feel they need extra assistance from their underwear to smooth, enhance, and reshape what lies beneath, is quickly becoming a maternity must-have.

    Sales have skyrocketed since the most popular brand, Mama Spanx, was introduced in the UK in 2011. Pregnancy shapewear is available from Debenhams and Primark, both of which are reasonably priced. Pregnant women seem happy that they can fit themselves into the human equivalent of a sausage skin in online chat rooms and maternity blogs.

    Why is utterly beyond me. As someone who has carried three children, I can attest that comfort is crucial when deciding what to wear during pregnancy.

    The Power Mama Maternity Shaper, a £28 nylon and Lycra body suit extending from below the breasts to the knees, received a positive online review from a satisfied Spanx customer, who disagrees.

    She writes: They are easy to put on. I was worried that itd be a struggle. No obvious pant lines and no band at the bottom of the leg, preventing the shaper’s finish mark from showing through clothing.

    Can You Wear Spanx While Pregnant

    Can You Wear Spanx While Pregnant

    TV presenter Amanda Holden (left) and singer Danii Minogue have praised control underwear on the red carpet.

    I put them on and the effect was quite dramatic. They helped me get rid of the saddlebag hips I had gained during my pregnancy and gave my bottom a rounder, perkier shape. You feel supported all round without feeling squashed. These work well under a jersey maternity party dress because I wanted a smoother shape.

    Although many women use control underwear as a secret weapon, should we really expect pregnant women to squeeze themselves into it just for fashion’s sake?

    Sara Blakely, the creator of Spanx, claims she created her maternity collection with comfort in mind.

    A side benefit is that they give your thighs and bottom a more toned, less jiggly appearance. S. businesswoman argues.

    However, the pregnant woman on the Spanx packet appears to be in no way at ease. She resembles a pregnant pole dancer in a photo of her wearing a nude pair of maternity control pants and tall stiletto heels.

    Additionally, she has no head, which is unsettling, as the image is cropped just above the breasts.

    Although many women use control underwear as a secret weapon, should we really expect pregnant women to squeeze themselves into it just for fashion’s sake?

    As with so many other ludicrous trends, the maternity corset trend started on the red carpet.

    TV host Amanda Holden, 42, attributed her ability to conceal her pregnancy from photographers for six months to the help of Spanx.

    Likewise, 42-year-old Dannii Minogue praised control underwear, wearing it to firm up her behind while she was pregnant with her son Ethan.

    In many ways, Amanda and Dannii may be typical of the demographic that maternity shapewear appeals to: older women who require a little more assistance with their drooping thighs and sagging bottoms.

    But I can’t help but wonder if the fact that they were older when they got pregnant meant that they were uncomfortable with the sight of a large bump after spending so many years looking red-carpet ready.

    According to Dr. Mike Bowen, a consultant gynecologist and obstetrician in London, babies are safely cocooned in the womb and maternity shapewear has no effect on the health of an unborn child. It will take much more than support hosiery to even slightly irritate them.

    However, the National Childbirth Trust takes a more cautious approach. Elizabeth Duff, an NCT policy adviser, says that during pregnancy, it’s crucial to avoid restricting blood flow anywhere in the body because the developing fetus needs the oxygen that pregnant women’s increased blood volume provides.

    Before purchasing this type of shapewear, any woman considering donning tighter clothing for support is advised to speak with her midwife, she continues.

    According to Gail Johnson, a midwife and education adviser at the Royal College of Midwives, the physical difficulty of taking off restrictive shapewear could result in other issues. Instead of trying to restrict their pregnancy shape, she advises women to embrace it.

    Can You Wear Spanx While Pregnant

    Rising sales: Mama Spanx is the most popular brand, but maternity shapewear may be harmful to an unborn child’s health

    She claims that anything that encourages expectant women to delay using the restroom when necessary is likely to result in issues and raise the risk of urinary tract infections.

    In high-control underwear, a pregnant woman should expect to feel rather overheated if her third trimester occurs during the summer.

    A garment that supports your stomach and bottom all day, every day will take the load off of muscles and ligaments, which is another worrying issue.

    Sammy Margo, a physiotherapist in London and a representative for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, explains to her patients, “Use it or lose it.”

    What we discover is that women who wear maternity shapewear when they don’t actually need it can weaken their lower back, stomach, and bottom muscles.

    She cautions new parents that as they lift and tend to their infants after birth, they are more likely to sustain injuries.

    It is confusing that so many women are using maternity shapewear when there has never been a better time for pregnancy fashion.

    Pregnant women can look chic in maternity wear thanks to High Street trailblazers like JoJo Maman Bebe and the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite maternity clothing retailer Seraphine. The fashionable clothing highlights a bump without the use of shapewear.

    Pregnant women should feel confident in themselves no matter what shape they are, according to fashion stylist Tamara Cincik, whose celebrity clients include singer Christina Aguilera and top models Lily Cole and Daisy Lowe. However, there is one piece of maternity lingerie that she says is absolutely essential.

    Regular bra sizing is necessary to ensure proper fit. I would advise getting regular bra measurements for women throughout their pregnancies and when they are nursing afterward.

    Most importantly, women shouldn’t be made to feel self-conscious about their appearance during the dramatic physical changes that accompany pregnancy.

    And they shouldn’t feel any kind of pressure to be balancing on high heels while wearing hot, constricting, and uncomfortable underwear.

    I, for one, would be much happier if that Mama Spanx model took off her stilettos and shapewear and changed into a pair of roomy pajamas and some comfortable slippers.


    How far into pregnancy can you wear Spanx?

    Is Shapewear Safe To Wear When Pregnant? When you use a constrictive garment like normal Spanx shapewear in the first three months of your pregnancy, it DOES NOT cause any harm to the baby. Your uterus is still placed much lower than the pubic bone and so will not be affected in any way.

    What should you not wear while pregnant?

    Avoid tight belts, bras, girdles, slacks, garters, and knee socks. Clothes that decrease circulation in the legs lead to varicose (enlarged) veins. Find a bra that fits and provides good support to your breasts . Buy a nursing bra if you plan to breastfeed your baby.

    Trying On Skims Maternity Shapewear *it was a struggle*

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