5 Possible Reasons You’re Not Getting Pregnant

Reason #1: You’re not timing intercourse correctly.

While sex education may have taught us that conception can happen only during our most fertile days, which are typically only about 5 days out of your cycle, conception cannot occur at any time. Peak fertility is experienced the days before and the day of ovulation. Timing sexual activity in order to conceive requires keeping track of peak fertility.

Peak fertility can be monitored using a variety of techniques, such as LH testing, cervical mucus monitoring, or basal body temperature (BBT) monitoring. Here’s a quick rundown:

Ovulation tests, also referred to as luteinizing hormone tests, measure LH in urine to forecast when ovulation will take place. Ovulation is predicted by an LH surge because it causes the release of an egg from the ovaries.

Monitoring changes in cervical mucus consistency is part of the process of cervical mucus monitoring (CMM). Cervical mucus will be thick and a little sticky for most of your cycle. Cervical mucus will alter around ovulation, becoming more “wet” and stretchy so sperm can flourish.

BBT tracking: BBT is the body’s lowest resting temperature. The slight temperature changes that occur when the body releases an egg are used in BBT tracking. Before ovulation, your BBT will slightly decline; after ovulation, it will spike and stay elevated for a number of days.

Whatever method you use, once you notice peak fertility, you can time your sexual activity properly to give yourself the best chance of conceiving.

What are apparent reasons for not getting pregnant when everything is normal?

Here are 5 reasons you might not be able to get pregnant even though everything is in order:

Missing the fertile period could be a reason for not getting pregnant when everything is normal

The chances of getting pregnant are the highest during ovulation.

“Ovulation is the time when your mature egg is released to the fallopian tubes for possible fertilization,” Dr. Priti continues to the couple. Since this is a crucial step in trying to get pregnant, make sure you correctly calculate your ovulation period and try in accordance with it. ”.

Get an ovulation test kit or ask your doctor to calculate your ovulation period using your typical menstrual cycle.

How to Get Pregnant: How to Have a Baby in 5 Easy Steps teaches you how to determine ovulation.

Ovulating but not getting pregnant – Dr. Meeta Nakhare

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