Negative Pregnancy Test but Feel Pregnant: 10 Possible Causes

When it comes to feeling nauseous, many of us have experienced it at one point or another. We all know the feeling–the queasy stomach, the nausea, and the uneasiness. While many of us don’t think too much of it, nausea can be a symptom of pregnancy and understandably cause worry and concern. If you are feeling nauseous and have taken a negative pregnancy test, you may be feeling confused, anxious, and overwhelmed. In this blog post, we will discuss the possible causes of nausea that don’t have to do with pregnancy, and how to handle the situation if you have taken a negative pregnancy test. We will also look at ways to get relief from the symptoms of nausea. No matter what the cause, feeling nauseous can be uncomfortable and concerning. It is important to remember to take a step back, take a deep breath, and look at the facts to evaluate the situation and make the best decision for yourself and your health.

If You Still Think You’re Pregnant…

  • Did you use the first urine in the morning? It has the highest hCG levels. If you didnt do the test first thing in the morning, your result may be inaccurate.
  • Did the test go properly? Did you see the control line or another indicator showing that the test worked as it should have? Read the instructions again to make sure it worked properly.
  • Did you try another type of test? Different brands of pregnancy tests all have different levels of sensitivity for hCG levels. You may want to try another brand to check your results.
  • Did you wait until at least 14 days after conception/ovulation? Before that the hCG levels are too low to be detected with a home test.
  • I Have Nausea and Sore Breasts, But I’m Not Pregnant. What Could It Be?

    Hormonal fluctuations will cause these symptoms in women. Three scenarios are most likely if you have nausea, sore breasts, and a negative pregnancy test:

  • You are pregnant, but the test is inaccurate. Wait at least a week after your missed period to retake the test and test your urine first thing in the morning.
  • You are experiencing premenstrual symptoms. PMS symptoms can be confused with early pregnancy symptoms because they are almost identical.
  • You have a condition that causes hormonal imbalance, such as PCOS, hyper- or hypothyrodism, stress, or ovarian cancer.
  • Okay, so despite waiting until you actually missed your period, the test was negative.

    Your chances of receiving a positive result decrease as your urine becomes more diluted and less likely to contain any hCG. What dilutes your urine? Good ol’ H20.

    Your very real desire may cause you to spot symptoms, and to be completely honest, Dr. Google doesn’t help.

    And while most pregnancy tests are designed to work the same basic way (and it’s not rocket science anymore, thankfully), you still need to perform your specific brand of test accordingly.

    Take a pregnancy test, we would say, but that’s actually kind of untrue: over-the-counter pregnancy tests are a quick and easy way to know if you’re pregnant, but they’re not even close to being 100% accurate.


    Why do I feel nauseous but the pregnancy test is negative?

    If you feel as though you’re pregnant but got a negative home pregnancy test result, your symptoms could be down to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or you may have taken the test too early.

    Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms but get a negative test?

    If you get a negative pregnancy test but still feel pregnant, you’re likely to feel a bit confused. Your first instinct may be to question whether the test may have somehow gotten it wrong, especially if you feel you have pregnancy symptoms. And in truth, false negatives do sometimes happen, although they are rare.

    Can you be nauseous before getting a positive pregnancy test?

    Morning Sickness

    Morning sickness is notoriously incorrectly named. As most pregnant women can tell you, it can happen at any time. It is also a common early sign of pregnancy before you miss your period. A few weeks after conception, your body produces more estrogen and progesterone, causing nausea or vomiting.

    I am Feeling Pregnancy Symptoms but all Tests are Negative

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