Is Parsley a Safe Herb During Pregnancy? Tea, Dried, and More

Does Parsley Have any Side Effects in Pregnancy?

Parsley is generally considered safe to consume during pregnancy. But you should be mindful of a few possible side effects.

One of the most common adverse effects of parsley consumption is indigestion, which is characterized by symptoms like heartburn, gas, and bloating. These symptoms are caused by the volatile oils present in parsley, which can act as a natural laxative (source: Elsevier Journal). If you experience indigestion after eating parsley, it’s best to avoid eating it in large quantities.

Parsley may also lessen milk production, per a study (source: BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies Journal). It’s crucial to remember that this research involved rats rather than people. It’s still unknown whether or not humans experience the same effects.

The potential for heavy metal toxicity from parsley is another area of worry. Parsley absorbs heavy metals from the soil during irrigation (Source: Journal of Environmental and Public Health). Metal toxicity can lead to serious health problems like organ damage, anemia, and central nervous system problems (source: Interdisciplinary Toxicity Journal). So when buying raw parsley, choose organic whenever possible or purchase from a trusted source.

Give your parsley a good wash before eating it, just like you would with any other fresh herb.

Is Parsley Safe During Pregnancy?

Around the world, parsley is a common herb used to flavor different kinds of food. Although it has few negative side effects and many positive health effects, it does stimulate the uterus and may result in uterine contractions. High doses of parsley can cause more harm than good if you are pregnant (1). Related:

Tips to Keep in Mind While Consuming Parsley in the Early and Later Stages of Pregnancy

When consuming parsley in the early and late stages of pregnancy, bear in mind the following:

Early Months: For maximum advantages, make sure to consume parsley that was grown on your own. If feasible, grow it yourself and consume it. Here are some suggestions for when you consume it in the first trimester of pregnancy:

  • Wash and clean parsley nicely and get rid of all the dirt and grime. Remove all the rotten and withered leaves as even smallest unprocessed leaves may cause food-poisoning or other complications.
  • Do not go in for greenhouse parsley as it has fewer benefits.
  • Always buy fresh parsley with crisp-looking leaves and stem and fresh aroma.
  • Later Months: It is advised to continue with any pregnancy practices you may have started in the earlier stages. However, pregnant women should only consume it in moderation because an overdose can be very dangerous.

    Is It Safe to Eat Parsley in Pregnancy

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