11 Heavy Implantation Bleeding Stories (You’re Not Alone)

“Heavy implantation bleeding with BFP”

Has anyone experienced a fair amount of implantation bleeding between 9 and 11 DPO?

I performed pregnancy tests, all of which, up until today, were negative.

I had BFNs up until now, but the bleeding has stopped and is so light it doesn’t feel like a period.

My bleeding was moderately heavy but has struggled to fill a pad since last night, and I have no pain at all.

From 8 DPO until 10 DPO, I had very clear BFNs, and as of 11 DPO, I have BFPs on strip tests.

I used various tests from various boxes, and they all returned positive results.

Since FRER is unclear and clear blue was a VVFP at the time, I’d say negative.

I thought this was my period even though I am not officially due until Tuesday because of all the negatives.

I do have a history of cysts, and I’m grasping at straws to think that they might be bursting and causing this. However, with your advice, I’m going to the doctor tomorrow!

Update: “It was a chemical pregnancy, unfortunately.

I had bloodwork done because I kept testing positive, but when I went to the doctor, the test was negative and my blood levels were extremely low. ”.

“My period arrived a couple of days earlier than expected.

Normally, it lasts about five days, but as of day three, it appears to have dried up.

There’s very little blood, and it’s very brown/old.

Day one and day two, however, were quite heavy, just like my typical period

Could this be implantation? Or is this wishful thinking?”

Not all irregular bleeding is indicative of implantation bleeding. This is especially true if the bleeding is heavy.

Make an appointment with your healthcare provider if you experience significant bleeding that doesn’t coincide with your menstrual cycle. They can help find the cause and provide treatment options.

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy may be implantation bleeding. However, unless you have a underlying bleeding disorder, implantation bleeding is rarely severe.

When a fertilized egg implants itself in your uterine lining, it can occasionally cause implantation bleeding, which is light bleeding. This usually happens about 6 to 12 days after fertilization.

However, in a few rare instances, implantation may be heavier than usual. Typically, this only occurs in people with underlying bleeding disorders that impair their blood’s capacity to clot.

What does implantation bleeding look like?

Implantation bleeding is brown, dark brown or slightly pink. It’s considered spotting or light bleeding. It shouldn’t be heavy enough to soak through a pad. More than your period bleeding, implant bleeding resembles the flow of vaginal discharge. Your menstrual cycle or another problem may be indicated if your blood is bright red or contains clots.

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